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Who We Are

With a unique energetic connection and over thirty years combined experience in energy healing and intuitive guidance, The Souls Ascension will gently awaken your higher consciousness and lovingly usher you towards your souls path and purpose in this life.


We were called upon by the highest dimensional beings, to whom we give our eternal love, gratitude and thanks. We humbly accept this gift and guided path set before us. 

We offer you the healing and insight bestowed upon us to bring your mind, body and soul into connection with your higher consciousness. In turn, we fulfill our life's purpose and humbly thank you for this opportunity.

Channeled Messages From the Fifth Dimension

Channeled by Liz & Marylou from the higher dimensional beings that lovingly guide them with wisdom and knowledge, and have called upon them to serve, guide and heal.

The Five Passages



This Passage represents the conscious minds' ability to create a thought, which leads to the intent to act upon your will.  This process  consists of shedding the egoic elements that cloud our consciousness and the ability to see our true self, and our divine connection to source.  In this Passage we recognize and accept our higher consciousness as the pathway to self creation.


The second passage speaks to  the act of enabling a productive dialogue between our conscious and unconscious self.  It is this interaction between both the conscious and unconscious mind that empowers us to initiate the life we desire. In conjunction with this and the application of energy healing, we begin to raise our energetic vibrations and put forth our desired intent into positive action.


This Passage embodies the act of uniting the conscious and unconscious self, to embrace the self awareness and knowledge derived from our higher consciousness. We relinquish the delusion created by the ego within that holds the false belief that we are in control. Therefore creating the rebirth of our true self.


In this Passage of we continue to evolve by removing any fragments left behind by the ego that would cloud our ability to see our true self. A necessary vehicle of  this transformation to unite 

mind, body and soul is the application of energetic healing and intuitive guidance.


The final passage speaks to the destruction of the ego, self victimization and distress caused by outside circumstances. In this state of higher consciousness we forge a daily life that consists of self love, forgiveness, compassion and the elemental truth. Through this enlightened state of awareness, we walk the path that leads our soul to ascension.

The Seven Chakras

CROWN CHAKRA  - Sahasrara "thousand petaled lotus"

Energetic Connection  -  to your higher consciousness, enlightenment and connection to the universal energy and life force. 

Before Healing  -  An unbalanced Crown Chakra may cause emotional symptoms related to confusion, fearfulness, alienation, depression, indecisiveness and an inability to move forward in life.  The physical symptoms related to an unbalanced Crown Chakra consists of headaches, migraines, tremors and dizziness.  You may also have feelings of depression, anxiety, and fatigue not associated with a medically diagnosed physical disorder.

After Healing  -  A balanced Crown Chakra will bring you to a state of empowerment, calmness, worthiness, the ability to live in the present, and the abandonment of ones' ego for a higher purpose.  

THIRD EYE CHAKRA - Ajna "command center"

Energetic Connection -  to your awareness , intuition, imagination.

Before Healing  - An unbalanced Third Eye Chakra may cause a inability to follow one's own intuition and instinct, lack of imagination, fearfulness, feelings of emotional volatility, moodiness, and a lack of self reflection. 

After Healing  - A balanced Third Eye Chakra will allow you to differentiate between truth and illusion, open to receiving wisdom, insight and intelligence, and the awareness of a connection to the universal life force.

THROAT CHAKRA -  Vishuddha "to purify"

 Energetic Connection - to your communication, self expression, authenticity.

Before Healing  - An unbalanced throat chakra may leave you feeling powerless to speak out, fear of being judged or rejected, feelings of negativity, resentfulness and sadness. 

After Healing  - A balanced throat chakra will allow you the ability to communicate freely, to speak honestly and truthfully and be one with our truth.

HEART CHAKRA  -  Anahata "unstruck"

Energetic Connection - to love, healing and compassion.

Before Healing  - An unbalanced heart chakra leaves you in a place of anger, bitterness, envy and fear. One may also feel jealous, inability to love unconditionally and rejected.

After Healing  - A balanced heart chakra fills you with joy, gratitude and unconditional love. In addition feelings of acceptance, compassion forgiveness and empathy, as well a feeling of unity and love to divine trust and faith. 

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA  -  Manipura "city of jewels"

Energetic Connection - to your power, purpose and wisdom.

Before Healing  - An unbalanced solar plexus chakra leads one to feel negative, timid, be filled with low self self esteem, leading to feelings of a loss of personal power and despair.

After Healing  - A balanced solar plexus chakra will fill you with hope, compassion, fullness, and self esteem. In addition feelings of self respect and positivity will give you a sense of personal power.

SACRAL CHAKRA  -  Svadhisthana "her own abode"

Energetic Connection - to your sexuality, creativity emotional stability.

Before Healing  - An unbalanced sacral chakra can cause a feeling of vulnerability and fear in expressing truth, being unsure of ourselves and relationships, a sense of betrayal, as well as feelings of frustration, anxiousness, regret and addiction.

After Healing  - A balanced sacral chakra will have you feeling kindness, and a loving connection to life, passionate, confident, energetic, creative, and considerate.

ROOT CHAKRA  -  Muladhara "root support"

Energetic Connection - to your survival, security, grounding, family/community.

Before Healing  - An unbalanced root chakra may leave you to feel worried about your basic needs such as money, food and shelter, with feelings of insecurity, annoyance and irritation.

After Healing  - A balanced root chakra will have you feeling safe and secure, trusting, strong, connected and supported.